Timber Alternative Windows Milton Keynes

Timber Alternative Windows milton keynes
Timber Alternative Windows Milton Keynes

Timber Alternative Windows Milton Keynes

A great deal of our customers already have wooden windows that are creating heat loss issues within the home, or generally look as if they might fall out at any moment. Almost all specify that they love the aesthetic of more traditional wooden timber windows, but would do almost anything to avoid the maintenance. Most wooden windows need extensive maintenance and treatments to ensure they stay effective, and this can be an annual job some people start to avoid.

Introducing Residence 9 Windows

Constructed using traditional methods

Our timber alternative windows in Milton Keynes are more than a uPVC version of a wooden window, where usually there is a hint of wood-grain finishing applied to the standard frames. After carefully researching the construction of wooden windows and the techniques applied to build them, our designers carefully designed a window which appears timber-like with the fine detailing of timber but low maintenance. The end result is a beautiful set of new windows that open and close with ease, are draft proof, energy efficient, almost maintenance free.

A-Rated Timber Alternative Windows in Milton Keynes

Each one of our timber alternative windows in Milton Keynes have been verified as A-rated for superior energy-efficiency qualities. We use a myriad of techniques, from constriction and material to treatments and double/triple glazing, to ensure that during the colder winter months minimum heat loss occurs. In comparison to wooden windows, a timber alternative is a top choice for style as well as being practical.

Complete Customer Choice

Recognising the various design choices of our customer, as well as keeping important key factors in mind such as planning restrictions and budget, we can offer a range of design and colour choices that meet everybody’s needs and any official requirements. We offer every colour and texture you could possibly wish for to match the style of your home, both interior and exterior, or just to keep your neighbourhood looking coordinated with a certain style that matches your neighbours and friends. We offer wood effect too so that whilst you’re getting a true timber alternative windows in Milton Keynes, you can still have the charm and appeal of wooden looking windows, in dark or light oak, plus a range of other choices designed to suit your needs.

Why choose timber alternative windows from Double Glazing Buckinghamshire?

  • Timber alternative windows in Milton Keynes will last up to 30 years with little maintenance
  • A professional service including a full survey, design and installation
  • Modern techniques applied to traditional architecture gives you the best of both worlds
  • Energy efficient – A-Rated wood effect windows
  • The look of timber windows down to the smallest detail

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