Georgian Windows Milton Keynes

Georgian Window milton keynes
Georgian Windows Milton Keynes

Classic Era Georgian Windows in Milton Keynes

The Georgian window is unique in that is characterised by its use of mathematical ratios in order to create a perfect balance both in the window itself, and in harmony with the building they form a part of. The Greeks and Romans took the aesthetics of a building very seriously, employing the best of their understanding of physics and art in their construction techniques and our Georgian windows in Milton Keynes continue this tradition.

During the Georgian era, a time of rapid building, the use of this styling became known as Georgian due to the succession of reigning monarchs called George. This theme is carried forward into our modern times, with the styling recreated with little change apart from the twenty first century advances in science applied.

Modern Science meets Art

Most original Georgian windows in Milton Keynes were made with wooden frames and individual smaller frames holding individual pieces of glass. This was mainly due to the lack of availability of large sheets of glass and the fact that smaller pieces of glass were less expensive and easier to come by.

Today when glass is readily available, we can use full sized pieces of glass and create the bar styling externally to the glass (surface mounted), or even encapsulate the bars (internal bars) within the glass for ease of keeping them clear and clean.

With further advances in window manufacturing, Georgian windows in Milton Keynes are now made with uPVC, are double glazed, have thermal treatments applied to keep the house warmer, and are much harder to break due to modern toughening techniques.

Our Georgian windows in Milton Keynes can also be supplied in a variety of different colours and designs, meaning you can create your own unique versions of the windows to match the architecture and individual requirements of your home.

You can also choose the thickness of the bars in the windows, with various thicknesses available to suit your home in Milton Keynes.

If your project has a unique requirement, be it planning laws or a personal preference, you can meet with one of the design team to create bespoke Georgian windows in Milton Keynes to suit any needs. This also includes the option to have your Georgian windows in a timber frame. Please call and ask for assistance and we will be happy to work with you to achieve your desired designs.

With all this in mind, the final question is…

Why choose Georgian Inspired Windows from DGB Windows?

  • A rated glass and modern techniques applied to renaissance architecture gives you the best of both worlds
  • Energy efficient for all seasons
  • Warm, quiet and secure
  • Virtually maintenance free and lasting up to 30 years
  • A range of choices including colours, sizes and designs mean you can create your own unique windows
  • A professional wrap around service from start to finish to suit your requirements

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